Barbie™ Dreamtopia Doll with 3 Fairytale Costumes

AGE 3 Y and UP

- Let your dreams run, dive and fly with the Barbie™ Dreamtopia Fairytale Rainbow Cove™ Dress-up doll set that comes with Barbie® doll and three different fantasy outfits -- a mermaid, a fairy AND a princess!
- The pieces can be mixed and matched to create a classic fairytale look or a unique character in an instant -- the clothing and accessories are inspired by the color-filled Dreamtopia land of Rainbow Cove™.
- The princess look comes to life with a pink and purple snap-on bodice, rainbow-inspired skirt with clouds and stars, a pink tiara and pink shoes.
- The mermaid look makes waves with the doll's blue top, blue necklace and a tail with a rainbow colors, galaxy stars, a peplum and shimmery white fins.
- The fairy look takes off with a colorful snap-on bodice, a shimmery fairy skirt with rainbow and cloud print, purple fairy shoes and colorful wings with rainbows, stars and a butterfly shape.
- Collect all the Barbie™ Dreamtopia dolls and accessories and let your stories take flight (each sold separately, subject to availability).